Wednesday, June 27, 2018

HH4YS New Era 4

Listen to "HH4YS New Era 4" on Spreaker.INFO COMMENTS Music, #gangstarap, #gangsterhiphop, #hip-hop, #oldschoolhiphop, #rap Here's a packed Show with lots of great music with different flavors and Styles of HipHop. Gotta new thing close to the end you will enjoy! Roots Of Christian Rap 1. A-1 Swift-Rescue 911 2. Dynamic Twins-Shake it off 3. SFC-Peculiar 4. PID-Vince's Jam Street Rap 1. Lavoisier-Trust 2. Peace 586-The Difference 3. Cookbook & Uno Mas-Monster Mosh 4. Jim Gittum-Blast For Me Female MC's 1. Chozyn-Bad Boy 2. Jackie Hill Perry-Educated Fool 3. Erica Mason-Ain't worried 4. Tneek-Level up GodzGang Radio 1. Preachas In Da Hood-Listen To What We Say 2. LOC Saint-Passin Away 3. Ace The Riddler-Ricky Lake 4. Gods Anointed Soldiers-Christ Check ITM LIVE 1. Sharp Skills-Stock Exchange 2. Prawphit On Point-Get Wit It 3. Willie Will-Repentance 4. Genuine Life-Go Get It Whats Hot 1. Lesun-Not Afraid He Lives 2. Pyrexx-I Chunk the H up 3. Dwayne Tryumf-Ghetto Scripture 4. Lecrea-Facts Ragga HipHop 1. Christ4Real-Blood Wash 2. Papa Sun-Step Up 3. 2nd Chance-Walk 4. PID-Roots Relational 1. Bizzle-Deuces Encouragment 1. Bizzle-Jesus Did It to give PayPal send Music to

HH4YS New Era 3

Listen to "HH4YS New Era 3" on Spreaker.
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Suave Bill is half asleep lol but made it through!!!!

Roots Of Christian Rap
1. SFC-Fully Armed
2. D Boy-Doggin THe Devil
3. Kings Crew-Feel The Power
4. T Bone-Lyrical Assassin

Street Rap

1. Kj52-The Choice Is Yours
2. E Roc-Hi Ho Silver
3. Sean Slaughter-Stadium Lightz
4. Just Me-Third Round

GodzGang Radio

1. Pettidee-Devils get Dropped 2000
2. God's Greatest Gangsta-Demon Killa
3. Bushwick Bill-Spiritual Warfare
4. Big Unc-Walls fall down


1. Willie Will-Batman
2. Sharp Skills-Little Kids
3. RTL-Stand Up
4. David-Behind The Flesh

Whats Hot and New

1. K Drama-I ain't Going Back
2. Lecrae-Whatchu Mean
3. Bizzle-Bless His Name
4. Canon-Motivation

Female Soldiers

1. REIGN-Get It In
2. Brea Miles aka Blaze-Free Falling
3. Sicily-Know Me
4. Dice Gamble-Beat The Flow


1. Age-I want to Know You


1. K2S- If I Did'nt Have You


HH4YS Helloween 2017

Listen to "HH4YS Helloween 2017" on Spreaker.

This Is a empowered Show with Spiritual Warfare Tracks a show you have never heard before!!!

1. Rapsures-Freddys dead
2. A-1 Swift-Drop Da Bomb
3. Idol King-Helloween
4. Preachaz-Point Black Range
5. Antonious-Deception
6. T-Bone-Throwing out The Wicked
7. Gospel Gangstaz-Demon Killa
8. ABG-Demon Killa
9. Unknown Artist-Demon Killa
10. Gospel Gangstaz-Demon Killa
11. T-Bone-Demon Killa
12. Da Click-War In The Heavenlys
13. Unity Klan-Enemy's Camp
14. Da Zoe Click-Bibles Up
15. Prime Minister-Set It off
16. T-Bone-Demon executor
17. Only1Wizer-Satan Ima Slap
18. CMCs-Spiritual Warfare
19. Preachas in tha hood-Blastin Demons
20. T-Bone-Lyrical Assassin
21. Gospel Gangstaz-The devils worst Nightmare
22. T-Bone-Straight up psyco
23. MR G REALITY-Watch Out 4 Tha Reaper
24. Mr Real-Its Going Down
25. Azarelstar-Authority
26. GOGz-No Exit
27. Bless'ED-Run This Town
28. Mr Real-Soldier
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Sunday, June 3, 2018

HH4YS New Era #2

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Its a fun ride this time lol check it out!!
1. Dynamic Twins-That's how I'm Livin'
2. E ROCK-I Like Cooliad
3. 12th Tribe- 1 day at a time
4. Kings Crew- Share Love

Street Rap
1, Sean Slaughter-Concrete Angelz
2. ASON-Stop and Roll
3. Tha Gim-more than worthy
4. Zerubbabel-who am I

GodzGang Radio
1. Gospel Gangstaz-The Devils worst Nightmare
2. Mr G Reality-Conditioned
3. SYGz-why do Gz
4. T-Bone-Straight Up Psycho

1.Only1Wizer-Where Dey do Dat at?check out the video
2. Willie Will-Say So
3.VelVett-Little Brotha Shirt on
4.RTL- C.R.E.A.M

Whats Hot
1. Kj52-Swagged Out with tags out
2. Lecrea-Let It Whip
3. Grits-New Lyfe
4.Mr Del-Push'em Off

Female Soldiers 
1. Brea Miles aka Blaze-Stay True
2. Ayeesha-Hold On
4.A-1 AWIFT-You Know The Deal

Funny Song
The Rapsures-Bless This Mess


True 2 Society-Bow Down
SFC-This is what he went through

Saturday, February 17, 2018

HH4YS New Era #1

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Back at it again:)
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Roots of Christian Rap
1. MC SWEET-Jesus Christ Beat
2. Stephen Wiley-Bible Break
3. MC HAMMER-Son Of The King
4. S.F.C.-Transformed

Street Rap
1. LA Symphony-Funky Music
2. Sup The Chemist-Fresh Coast
3. Playdough-Bassy Loud Loud
4. Ill Harmonics-What we do
5. Young Chozen-Class President
dead air doh
6. Sup The Chemist-Happy Dayz

2. Genuine Life-All I Got
3. Willie Will-A to Z
4. Only 1 Wizer-10 Commandments

GodzGang Radio
1. S.O.C.O.M-Wake Up
2. Xross-About Christ
3. Holycydal-Strips
4. Brothatone-New Creature
5. T-Bone-Hard Streets

Hot Tracks
1. Five2Oh-Hype
2. Mr Del-Can I get a Witness
3. Json-Benjamin Button
4. Trip Lee-Heart Problem
5. D Maub-People Crazy

Female Soldiers
1. Blaze aka Brea Miles-Free Falling
2. R.E.I.G.N-Get It In
3. Sicily-Know Me 
4. Erica Mason- Ain't Worried
5. Miz Tiffany-I ain't Preaching To The Choir

Funny Song
1. Kj52-Starbucks takes all my money

1. Kj52-Cry No More
2. Kurtis Blow-Stay Strong
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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Only1Wizer Interview

Listen to "Only1Wizer Interview" on Spreaker.

Hey there will be no live show tonight but heres a classic interview with My Homie Only1Wizer who just released a new Music Video on YouTube Called Where de Dey At??? Be Sure to check it out and enjoy :)
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